Simplify and streamline complicated logistics

Taddeo Logistics & Consulting LLC is your Jacksonville freight broker. Located right in the heart of a thriving commerce and trade hub, we specialize in pallet rack transportation. Our resources, connections and capabilities add up to unmatched reliability and a postiive impact on your supply chain. Let us take on the responsibility of creating a tailored solution and handle smooth, successful delivery. Our partnership with GlobalTranz streamlines complex logistics. We open up efficient transportation options across the U.S. and Mexico and support the success of your operation. More than 2,400 employees, more than 75 offices and more than 121,000 satisfied customers every year make GlobalTranz a key component in meeting your expectations and achieving your goals. They provide adaptable logistics strategies, including transportation management, warehouse services, reverse logistics and cutting-edge technology. State-of-the-art transportation management systems (TMS) and supply chain software support real-time data-driven decision-making and in-action proficiency. Whether you’ve determined the specifics of your needs or aren’t quite sure how to properly proceed, Taddeo Logistics & Consulting is where you find ideal answers, assistance and services. Each of our pallet rack systems offers unique advantages. By assessing your specific product requirements and warehouse layout, we’re able to decide on the right type of system. Selective Pallet Racking, Drive-In/Drive-Thru racking, Push-Back Pallet Racking and Mobile Racking are just a sample of our many options. There is no doubt of our ability accommodate your requirements. Choose Taddeo Logistics & Consulting to make better use of available space and simplify stock and inventory control. Our services optimize loading and unloading times, promote safety during transport and reduce handling and storage costs. We are your last mile freigh brokers. Get in touch with us today to get moving in the right direction!