Optimizing space in a modern warehouse

Heavy-duty storage options are essential to the modern warehouse. Along with maximizing the use of available space, they protect goods from damage and contribute to productivity. Due to the variety of goods moving through the warehouse, storage racks are required to accommodate a range of weights, sizes and priorities. Some of the best pallet racking systems to take advantage of vertical space include selective pallet racking. These innovative systems are a low-density storage option providing high selectivity. Forklift drivers are able to access products in multiple bays simultaneously. Selective pallet racking setup is modular, opening up options for configuration to suit the specific storage demands. It is the perfect solution for anyone beginning a warehousing business or in the process of expanding an existing one. Selective pallet racking can be transformed into industrial shelving simply by adding wire mesh or solid decking. The mesh is ideal for small items, such as cartons, and ensures they don’t drop between the beams. Solid decking is preferred for heavier items that require greater support. Another option for warehouse storage is mobile pallet racks. They are suited to narrow aisle space that limits maneuverability and creates risk for workers. Mobile pallet racks allow workers to open service aisles. This can be accomplished remotely or at the worksite and provides access to pallets. Once the desired pallet is retrieved, the aisle closes to conserve aisle space and elevate storage density. Mobile pallet rack systems slid one-floor tracks installed into the concrete floor of the warehouse. They support much greater efficiency and maximize the rewards of square footage. While these systems were once manually operated, today’s options can be semi-automated. Fortunately, there are warehouse freight brokers who handle the logistics of transporting pallet racks where they need to go.