Making Freight Transportation Easy

Big box stores such as Sam’s Club, BJ’s, Lowe’s and Home Depot offer a huge assortment of products. There is the opportunity to purchase raw lumber, plywood, drywall, plumbing fixtures, tires, paint, bulk produce and so much more. For the commercial space as well as the warehouse, maximizing storage is essential. Storage design needs to accommodate products of various dimensions, shapes and weights. There are those products that are easily damaged, perishable or cumbersome. To optimize access, efficiency and productivity, different types of pallet rack systems have been designed. These racking systems effectively and safely transport, store and display products. While specific pallet racks are set up and remain in place indefinitely, many get moved around frequently. In terms of freight, pallet racks are transported all over the world to fulfill specific requirements at specific times.

Shipping such bulky yet sensitive items could be difficult, expensive and time-consuming. However, Taddeo Logistics & Consulting specializes in streamlining the process. Drawing from extensive knowledge, experience and resources, they ensure that sufficient racking is available when and where their clients need it. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Taddeo Logistics & Consulting successfully manages pallet rack transport and any other type of freight across the United States, Canada and Mexico. A partnership with GlobalTranz ensures an expedited, smooth and successful process. Options such as selective pallet racking, drive-in/drive-thru pallet racking, push-back pallet racking, cantilever racking, mezzanine racking, double-deep racking, and more accommodate every diversity of demand. These sturdy racking systems maximize vertical space, reduce labor costs, protect products from harm, and support a successful operation.