A simple solution for pallet rack transportation 

For commercial and industrial operations, racking systems are essential and invaluable. They tend to get moved around a lot, need to make inventory easily accessible and are required to manage a wide variety of sizes, shapes and weights of products. Most of the larger home improvement stores are built on pallet racks that are stationary. However, pallet racks often need to be shipped to new locations. Taddeo Logistics & Consulting is the trusted choice for delivering the ideal pallet rack solution and ensuring sufficient racks will be available where and when our clients need them. We are based in Jacksonville, Florida, but handle freight requirements across the United States, Mexico and Canada. Our partnership with GlobalTranz sets us apart. Joining forces with a world-class logistics provider optimizes the supply chain and ensures efficiency. GlobalTranz represents a workforce of more than 2,400, and utilizes a network of 75+ best-in-class LTL carriers and sources from more than 75 offices. Let the experienced professionals from Taddeo handle logistics such as transportation management. We specialize in tailored processes for pallet rack transportation, providing cost-effective and efficient delivery. With unmatched reliability, we streamline every stage of your needs, handling any type of pallet rack you need to be moved. We see to it that your crucial cargo reaches its destination right when expected and without damage. By way of seamless supply chain operations, we strive to support your success. We take your satisfaction with our services personally and offer comprehensive awareness of your specific requirements and customized solutions that drive results. Our team is dedicated, determined and prepared to rise to any challenge. Check our wide list of services and let us simplify the complex world of pallet rack transportation.